Marine Services at Swan Creek Marina


Swan Creek Marina offers every service you will need to keep your vessel ship-shape. Our repair facilities are conveniently just moments away from the marina by water. Our tenured marina technicians have decades of experience in the industry. Our prices are very competitive and our service is exceptional. Please contact us for more information as we are always here to help!


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Yard and Labor Rates

  General Labor, 1 hour minimum
     (i.e. lift labor, winterizing, general maintenance)
  $80 per hour  
  Specialty Labor
     (i.e. electrical, mechanical, carpentry)
  $95 per hour  
  Weekend / Evening rate   1.5 x billed rate  
  Lift fee   $4.50 per foot plus labor out and in  
  Pressure Wash   $3.50 per foot  
  Stand Rental
     >>owner provided stands $29 per stand
  $36 per stand per 6 months  
  Winter Storage for 6 months   $16 per foot LOA  
  Summer Monthly Dry Storage   $200  
  Battery Storage   $15 per battery  
  Outboard Storage
     >>we do not store fuel tanks
  Bottom Painting
     >>material extra
  $11 per foot  
  Hull Waxing >>material extra
Wash and Wax Hull
  $12.50 per foot  
  Compound Hull   $15 per foot  
  Un-Stepping and Stepping of Mast
     >>plus crane fee
  $95 per hour  
  Mast Storage per 6 months   $100 per spar  
  Oil and Fuel Filter Change   $95 per hour  
  Monthly Winter Bilge Inspection   $25 per inspection  
  Sandblasting   by quote  
  Barrier Coat
     >>material extra
  $85 per foot  
  Prop Special   $150 per prop