Winter Decommissioning

  Customer Information  
  Vessel Name     Date  
Owner Name Home Phone
  Vessel Make   Office Phone  
  Length Over All   Fax  
  Draft   Email Address  
  Slip Number   Mooring  
  Key   Combo  
  Preferred Haul Date  
Preferred 2010 Launch Date
  Ignition Key Location  
  Engine Make & Model  
  General Decommissioning  
  Power to Lift   Remove sails, bimini or dodger  
  Tow to lift   Un-step mast  
  Power wash   Install cover  
  Supply stands   Remove keel drain  
  Store on trailer   Remove & store outboard  
  Wet store   Remove and store batterie(s)  
        Sails to be cleaned / repaired  
  Change oil & filter   Change fuel filters  
  Winterize engine   Check antifreeze protection  
  Grease linkages   Winterize outboard  
  Winterize Genset        
  Winterize head(s) Water cooled refrigeration  
  Water system   Wash down pump  
  Shower   Air conditioning  
  Hot water tank   Seacocks  
  Foot pump   Holding tank  
  >>NOTE: please make sure all fuel tanks are topped off and holding tanks are pumped out.  
  Keys or combo must be on file at office.        
  Are fenders and (5) lines accessible?        
  Are batteries fully charged?        
  Is your drain plug in?        
  Are thru-hulls accessible for inspection?        
  Additional information or comments: