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Haul and Launch

• Under no circumstances will we haul anyone who does not use environmentally safe antifreeze. Automotive antifreeze kills, it is toxic to the Bay, and is unlawful to carelessly discharge. If you are unsure as to what kind of antifreeze to use, please contact the office or purchase your products through the office.

• It will be the owner's responsibility to inform the yard of open or closed seacocks. You must inform the yard (in writing) of the location of any underwater mechanisms (i.e. knot meters) or assume responsibility if they are damaged during haul-out.

• Access is required to the interior of all boats when hauled or launched.

• All bills must be paid prior to launch.

• Owner must provide dock lines and fenders for launch. If dock lines are not on the boat at launch, lines will be provided and charged to your account.

• Due to Insurance Liabilities, owners are not permitted to bring their boats into the lift slip for hauling.

• Due to the large number of boats being hauled and/or launched and delays due to weather, owners should not plan to be present during hauling and/or launching. While we can not guarantee a certain day, we will make every attempt to haul and/or launch your boat during the desired week providing you give us ample notice.

• Roller Furling Sails must be removed prior to haul-out.

• Boats will not be hauled without a contract or completed checklist.

• Do-it-yourselfers: If your spring work is not completed by April 7th. The yard reserves the right, if we must, to move your boat. You will be charged for the move and re-blocking.


• The yard speed limit is 5mph. Speeding will not be tolerated.

• Boat stands may not be repositioned by anyone other than yard personnel. Stands will be repositioned at the owners request for a charge of $25.

• Prices are based on the overall length of the boat including bowsprits and appendages.

• Sandblasting, spray painting or welding by the boat owners is not permitted.

• Masts may not be climbed or un-stepped while the vessel is on land. Sails may not be raised or opened while on land.

• Boat covers must not be fastened to jack stands. Any covers found tied to the stands will be retied at the owner's expense.

• Owners doing their own work are responsible for the cleanliness of their area.

• Open air sanding, grinding and scraping are prohibited. Only dustless systems can be used. All scraping and grinding will have to be tented and a drop cloth placed under boats.

• Boats left in dry storage cannot be left plugged into shore power while unattended.

• To help prevent fires, all batteries must be disconnected or master switches turned off. No portable battery chargers or heaters are to be left unattended while on dry storage.

• The yard does not loan tools, extension cords, ladders, etc. Owners must provide their own.

• Disposal of Hazardous Materials must be in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

• No mobile homes, RVs, or travel trailers are allowed in the yard due to limited space.

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