Spring Commissioning

Customer Information
Vessel Name     Date
Owner Name Home Phone
Vessel Make   Office Phone
Length Over All   Fax
Draft   Email Address
Slip Number   Mooring
Key   Combo
Ignition Key Location
Engine Make & Model
Launch Week of:
General Commissioning
Provide ZIncs   Paint Centerboard
Paint Bottom   Clean / Replace Battery Connections
Owner Provided Paint Check Shift & Throttle Cable Connections
Office Provided Paint Install Sails, bimini, dodger
Wash Topsides   Remove Cover and/or Shrink Wrap
Acid Wash Hull   Burp Dripless Packing Gland
Wax Hull   Inspect Packing Gland
Wax Topsides   Inspect/Replace Cutless Bearing As Needed
Compound Hull   Replace Keel Plug
Compound Topsides   Prop / Shaft Special
Spring Clean Interior      
Yacht Lettering and Graphics
Tow Boat to Slip      
Motor Boat to Slip      
Change Oil & Filter   Check and Replace Belts & Hoses as Needed
Change Fuel Filter   Check All Fill Fluid Levels
Grease Linkages   Replace Engine Zincs
Replace Water Pump Impeller   Service AC
Change Transmission Fluid   Check/Replace Fuel Fill Cap O-Rings
Flush & Fill Fresh Water System   Inspect/Tighten/Lube Seacocks
Inspect/Repair Bilge Pumps      
Step Mast   Tune Rigging
Torque Keel Bolts, Re-bed Keel   Clean/Lube Winches
Inspect Rigging      
Cabinetry & Woodwork
Brightwork Quote   Custom Interior/Exterior Cabinetry Quote
Repair Leaks      
Keys or combo must be on file at office.      
Are fenders and (5) lines accessable?      
Are batteries fully charged?      
Is your drain plug in?      
Are thru-hulls accessible for inspection?      
Additional information or comments: